Joining SCD


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Rush is a time when members of SCD get a chance to meet each other's friends at a variety of fun events. Rushing is a Greek tradition, but we do things a little differently. Instead of having just one week of running around to many different groups hosting a couple recruitment events, we spend about three weeks hosting a variety of activities, dinners, and parties, meeting many different kinds of people and giving a chance to really get to know each other. Instead of focusing exclusively on people looking to join a frat, we tend to invite anyone we'd like to get to know or introduce to each other. We are looking for new members, but you don't have to be rushing to come to our events, and our friends are always welcome.


We love having our friends come around, but there is something special about being and becoming a member of SCD. Each semester we look for a few people to ask to join our family. If you show the interest and the qualities we look for in our members, we may show up at your door a few weeks into the semester with a formal bid. You will have several days to decide whether you would like to embark on the journey of pledging. This time is meant for you to reflect, ask questions, and talk with the brothers about this decision.


If you accept your bid, you begin the process of becoming a brother or sister of Sigma Chi Delta. You learn about our history, what our values mean to us, how we run the fraternity, and what it means to be part of the extended family of SCD. Pledging takes between 7-10 weeks, and requires a certain level of time commitment, but we put a lot of effort into accommodating your schedule. People have pledged with all sorts of schedules and workloads, from those employed as RA's to people taking as many as 28 credits!

Our pledge process is unique, fun, and always respectful. We hope to challenge and inspire you, but will never push you into doing something you don't want to do. We do not haze, and alcohol is not involved.

Pledging gives the time and shared experience that creates a strong bond with your pledge-mates, active brothers, and alumni. This means that an important part of pledging is just hanging out together! That's when you really experience what its like to be a brother or a sister, learning stories about what we've done in the past, and going on adventures and working on projects that become the stories of the future. This continuity over the years is a large part of what makes us more than just a bunch of friends. When you Rush and then Pledge with us, you become a part of that living legacy that is Sigma Chi Delta.